Sunday, October 3, 2010

La Historia De La Musica Rock III

Took me about six weeks to switch my baseball card site out to one powered by an SQL database, and then write the badass search engine for it all. But it's done now and I'm happy, sorry if things have been slightly more fallow around here than is usual.

I managed to write the Florida Metal piece and the Vanilla Fudge appreciation and the 90 Day Men critique, but there's been some big news that I wasn't able to treat with properly 'cause I was so busy with the PHP and the MySQL, and it's that Jr.'s dead.

Been dead, these five or six weeks. He stopped holding a charge for much longer than my drive in to work, and I need better than that, so I dropped him in a glass of water, and I killt him.

My iPod is dead, long live my iPod. La Historia de la Musica Rock III arrived some short time after I euthanized Jr. and I think it sort of makes sense that III is a Gen 3, even if his generation was quickly superceded. You can check out the picture next door: he's got four gigs and he's shiny chrome, and best of all, he talks.

Actually, I think he's a she 'cause of the way the Voice Over sounds. But that's fine with me, and even the way she hilariously mispronounces some of the bandnames and some of the songs is rather endearing. I think I'll keep him.

I mean her.

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