Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time The Way I Roll

When I got home and took a look at my ITunes library, I saw a bunch more, such that I thought I'd just go ahead and go fullbore on the thing, skipping of course the five I'd mentioned in the previous post. . . . .
 10.Blue Cheer - "Summertime Blues"
The Pixies - "Distance Equals Rate Times Time"
Emerson Lake & Palmer - "A Time And A Place"
INXS - "Good + Bad Times"
Led Zeppelin - "In My Time Of Dying"
The Dismemberment Plan - "Time Bomb"
Atheist - "Piece of Time"
Neil Young - "Time Fades Away "
Sonic Youth - "I Love Her All The Time"
The Yardbirds - "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago"

The list as an iMix at Itunes, you can quickly preview and/or buy all songs, except for "Time Fades Away," not being sold by Apple Corp, probably due to some cussed perversity of Young's. So that one's here

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