Sunday, May 15, 2011

On This Date

Brain Eno
Happy birthday to Brian Eno, and Happy Brian Eno's birthday to everyone else.

Did you know that ABBA is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but that Eno is not?

This despite Eno's role in the establishment of the seminal art rock band Roxy Music. This despite the revoltionary quartet of art pop albums Eno released under his own name between 1973 and 1977. This despite the tape loop processes he pioneered in his work with Robert Fripp. This despite the production and the songs and the ideas that he brought to work he did with no less than five artists already in that Hall since then.

This despite ABBA's recorded output.

I don't like to inappropriately use the word "travesty."

Both Henry Kissinger, who oversaw the war in Vietnam and masterminded its incendiary expansion into Cambodia, and Barack Obama, who continued both wars he was handed, and then started a third for good measure, won the Nobel Peace Prize.

THOSE are what I call travesties.

So I won't be hyperbolic here and use the word "travesty," especially since the man himself is either unaware or couldn't care less. And people, you know, do not, and justly do not, take the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame all that seriously.

But if ABBA is in and Eno is out at that silly museum in Cleveland, then I have no choice but to steal the word from Hipster Kittty and call it a SHAMOCKERY.

Brian Eno Nerve Net album coverBrian Eno - Nerve Net - 05 - My Squelchy Life.mp3

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TAD said...

R: I'm with ya. Eno might get into the Hall as a producer, MAYBE. But how many other producers are in there? Phil Spector? George Martin?
I still think the whole R&R Hall of Fame thing is pretty silly, & it seems mostly 2 B 4 PERFORMERS, those people on stage & on records, & not so much the folks behind the scenes. The Hall also seems mostly 4 mainstream-popular artists -- Beatles, Stones, Aretha, U2, etc. (Not that they aren't all great, but... it's still silly.) Maybe what we need's an Offbeat Music Hall of Fame...?
Besides, is the Hall really in Cleveland? Why did I think it was in Seattle? Oh yeah, that's the Science Fiction HOF, another pretty silly idea if ya ask me....

TAD said...

R: BTW, not 2 repeat, but Hipster Kitty is hilarious, & it's 2 bad she can't do a coupla reviews 4 you -- I'm sure her little cat feets could punch out some views on the keyboard -- if she could be bothered. Course it's probly not allowed in her contract....
Glad 2 C U survived The End Of It All. More importantly, what did you think of Gryphon, Sancious, Happy the Man, et cet?

TAD said...

Hey, R: Does Hipster Kitty really LIKE ANYTHING...?

rastronomicals said...


Hipster Kitty has a haughty disdain for most everything--that's why we love her!