Monday, January 12, 2009

Boris - "Heavy Friends" from the CD Heavy Rocks

Boris Heavy Rock CD cover
Holy shit, oh my God, oh my God, La Historia Jr. has just reminded me of what I first had revealed unto me a few months back: This is so fucking heavy, oh man, this rocks so much I don't know if I can squeeze the words from my brain to describe it.

In fact, thanks to the wonders of javascript and interactive forms, I probably don't even need to.

Listen for yourself (and listen loud!) then write your own Boris blogpost! Hell, you don't need poor overwhelmed rastronomicals to deliver the spuzz on this stuff. You can pass judgement in a blogospherical way all by yourself.

Just pick a verb from Dropdown A, pick an adjective or adjective phrase from Dropdown B, pick an object from Dropdown C, click the Instant Blogger button, and you're good to go . . .

Your Very Own Boris Post/Review Below

Boris - 01 - Heavy Rocks - Heavy Friends.mp3

This file was removed February 20, 2009. If you're still way interested in coming up with a copy of this--and really can't figure out where you might get one--drop me an email and I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out for you.

File under: Japanese Stoner Rock

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