Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sound of Chirping Crickets

I am aware that this blog has a couple or more lurkers. (Hello lurkers!) And I am also aware that in addition to the undoubted great and admirable discipline these lurkers display in resisting the base and common urge to comment, they also possess a great intelligence and erudition.

Unfortunately this intelligence and this erudition have left no trace, and this blog has most resembled a ghost town over the six weeks that I have operated it.

Not that I don't love writing the pieces, mind you, but one of the joys in blogging is the interaction, is the response, is the sense of community. And La Historia has been lacking somewhat in that regard, no way around it.

At first I tried submitting to the aggregators, to The Hype Machine and, but I think they might be prejudiced against blogs with few or no comments, so these sites have basically ignored my entreaties. What are you gonna do.

Well, I thought that a small investment in advertising might help. Starting tonight, I will be running a periodic ad at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, a sci-fi blog I visit frequently. And if things go well, I'll also have an ad at Ground and Sky, the well-established progressive music review site.

Hopefully this helps. I believe in the work I'm doing now that I've initiated this blog, and I don't think I'm out of line trying to seek out an audience for it.

If I am in fact fortunate enough to draw a Hotlist reader over, or a Ground and Sky person, and they do feel so inclined to comment, I might ask that they just give a brief shout out to their referrer. That way I can continue with what's working, and skip what's not.

And if nothing works, well, at least I gave it a whirl.

Thanks for reading, think I'll write me a Megadeth post Thursday evening.

P.S. Thought I might post the ad I'm running:

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