Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chris Isaak - "Blue Hotel" From the CD Chris Isaak

Junior just served up Chris Isaak's "Blue Hotel." Isaak's kinda like Comic Sans: everyone loves to play culture snob and bitch about how lowbrow he is, but I love this tune, as long as I get to smile a little bit, maybe do up just a smidgen of the ironic detachment thing.

Seriously love the reverb, the guitar tone echoing madly like the boots of our hero as he walks purposefully across the saloon floor in some desperately passionate spaghetti western. And give the man some credit, he belts this shit out, can’t say he holds anything back in the singing department.

Still, as fun as it is for me, throwing my head back and singing along as I drive, "HOOO-TEEEEEEEE-ELLLLLLL," maybe this is just a tiny bit overwrought?

File under: Roots Rock

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rastronomicals said...

So this small post here was basically conceived as I was driving home. I'd just broken free of the bumper-to-bumper stuff, "Blue Hotel" queued itself up, and I threw my head back and sung along without very much self-consciousness at all, cackling occasionally in counterpoint as I wove my way through slower traffic.

Good times.

And I thought about sharing them. Maybe this little moment I was having wasn't profound enough to warrant a blog post, but maybe I could *Twitter* it.

Yeah! That was it! I could get a Twitter account and start doing these little capsule reviews on the side, little things that might not be expandable into an entire blogpost, but were still worth sharing. . . .

So I thought until I got home, when I hopped onto Twitter and saw that they had a 140-character limit per Tweet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would have a problem explicating "the sky is blue" in less than 140 characters.

Pasting the thing into Word so I could use its wordcount tool, I saw the Isaak thing above was 210 characters before I'd even gotten to the part about the reverb.

Yikes. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but if so, I'm a witless bore.

So then. No Twitter for Rastro. But maybe some lighter, shorter posts mixed in over here, every now and then.