Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Derek & Clive - "Jump" from the album (Live) and
Arctic Monkeys - "Scummy" from the internet download Beneath the Boardwalk

Derke and Clive (Live) album coverArctic Monkeys Beneath the Boardwalk

I like me an Oasis song or two.

I know a thing or two about the Plantagenets, and I'm fond of saying that I think things really WERE better before the dissolution of the monasteries. Plus I once had me one of those Def Leppard Union Jack sleeveless tees.

But who didn't? I'm still not what you would call an Anglophile.

And yet, and yet, there's till something that appeals to this South Floridian about these Arctic Monkey blokes, surely among the most British of acts since, well, ever. I've been running around for quite some time now saying that the nearest historical analog to the Arctic Monkeys were The Faces, but after hearing again in the La Historia playlists this morning the obscene lark that is "Jump," I'm realizing a closer match might well be those two cunts from Derek and Clive.

Not that a bit of tweaking couldn't help our lads from Sheffield further: I think their lyrics should begin featuring the word "what" used as a relative pronoun, starting now.

File under:Postrock revival, it said so on Wikipedia

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