Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Unique Pair

The only pair of songs as far as I know in rock and roll history:
song "a" by b, and song "b" by a.
The Fall of Troy Doppelganger CD cover Tom Waits Orphans CD cover

 2. Tom Waits - "The Fall of Troy"
The Fall of Troy - "Tom Waits"

Dead Man Walking Original Soundtrack Cover

Maybe you know of some others?

The short but distinctive list as an iMix at Itunes, you can quickly preview and/or buy both songs

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tad said...

R: Well, there is an Xcellent & funny Bare Naked Ladies song called "Brian Wilson," that Brian himself later covered after the BNLs took some flak 4 the song Bing "too cruel" ("Lyin' in bed/just like Brian Wilson did...."). But as far as I know Brian has never done a song called "Bare Naked Ladies" -- tho it'd B cool if he did, mayB Van Dyke Parks could write the lyrics? Or Mike Love? So mayB this 1 doesn't count. Best I could do off the toppa my head tho.
Merry Xmas & thanx 4 yr support.
All D Best! -- TAD.