Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Children of the . . .

Black Sabbath heaven and Hell CD cover Iron Maiden the Number of the Beast CD cover
 10.  Korn - Korn
  9.  Moon - The Alan Parsons Project
  8.  Hydra's Teeth - ... And You Will Know Us
             By the Trail of Dead

  7.  Underworld - Entombed
  6.  Sun - Billy Thorpe
  5.  Revolution - T. Rex
  4.  Future - Steve Miller Band
  3.  Damned - Iron Maiden
  2.  Sea - Black Sabbath
  1.  Grave - Black Sabbath
T Rex Tanx Album cover Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky CD cover

As usual, Black Sabbath, FTW.

The list as an iMix at Itunes, you can quickly preview and/or buy all songs, except for el numero uno, "Children of the Grave," which strangely, mystifyingly, almost inconceivably, sees no original studio version of itself at the iStore. What in the fuck is up with that?

So here that one is: 192 kbps mp3

Black Sabbath - Master of Reality - 04 Children Of The Grave.mp3

All hail Lord Sabbath

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