Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Last Historia de la Historia de la Musica Rock

Unless I can track down a copy of Soundhog's Mashup album, that is.

Anyway, this list and the artwork next door was something I put together about five years ago as part of a mix CD I'd made for a friend.

You can see that I took the idea of putting together 100 records worth of rock history seriously--to a certain extent. Dig the Yes-antecedents disc, or the Metallica-influence one. Check out the No New York platter. Scholarly if I do say so myself.

Other shit, however, is just for laughs. Mudhoney, Mudvayne, ha! That cracks me up every time. And of course, the cover/theme.

Ah, but enough blowing of my own horn. Check it out, you should find it as thought-provoking--and as funny--as those other guys' lists.

1. The Rolling Stones
2.  Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash
3.  The Big Bopper, Vangelis
4.  Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
5.  Bee Gees, Gorguts
6.  Helmet, Can
7.  Buddy Holly, Napalm Death
8.  Dave Clark Five, The Hollies
9.  The Kinks (2 discos)
10.  Tornadoes, PJ Proby
11.  ? and the Mysterians
12.  The Monkees, White Zombie
13.  The Byrds, The Doors
14.  La Reina De La "Quiet Storm"
15.  Love, Jefferson Airplane
16.  Neil Young (2 discos)
17.  Jimi Hendrix
18.  GG Allin
19.  Cream, Family, Happy Flowers
20.  Blind Faith, Renaissance
21.  Led Zeppelin (2 discos)
22.  America, Boss Hogg
23.  Jefferson Airplane, SNFU
24. The Velvet Underground
25.  Steve Miller Band 1968 - 73
51.  Jeff Beck (2 discos)
52.  Television, Refrigerator, Table
53.  Mission of Burma
54.  Brian Eno (2 discos)
55.  Black Flag, White Flag
56.  Tympani & Sousaphone
57.  Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Mars, DNA
58.  Killing Joke, Spandau Ballet
59.  The Damned
60.  90 Day Men
61.  Falco, Gary Numan, The Nice
62.  Joe Jackson, Captain Sensible
63.  The Cars, System of a Down
64.  Ultravox, Bloodhag, U2
65.  Dead Boys, Rocket From the Crypt, Christine Aguilera
66.  X, Husker Du, The Replacements
67.  Iron Maiden
68.  Holocaust, Budgie
69.  Diamond Head, King Diamond
70.  Sonic Youth (2 discos)
71.  The Fall, The Rapture
72.  The Police, MDC
73.  Michael Jackson, Gang Green
74.  The Beatles, Herman's Hermits
75.  Metallica
26.  The Grateful Dead
27.  Buffalo Springfield
28.  The Faces, Crucifucks
29.  Humble Pie, Mott The Hoople
30.  Procol Harum, Life of Agony
31.  The Syn, Bodast, Tomorrow
32.  Yes (2 discos)
33.  King Crimson
34.  Emerson Lake & Palmer
35.  Stormtroopers of Death
36.  Nick Drake, The Dwarves
37.  Black Sabbath
38.  Joni Mitchell, Nico
39.  Fairport Convention
40.  Rumah Sakit
41.  Hot Tuna, Mr. Airplane Man
43.  Rage Against the Machine, Load
44.  The Clash (2 discos)
45. The Sex Pistols, Hanson
46.  Peter & The Test Tube Babies
47.  Ramones, Kepone
48.  Voivod, Voidoids
49.  Lonnie Donnegan, The Slits
50.  The Beach Boys (3 discos)
76.  Big Black, Shellac (2 discos)
77.  Slayer, Possessed, Genesis
78.  The Who
79.  Men at Work
80.  Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard
81.  INXS, Slipknot, Enya
82.  Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Drums and Tuba
83.  Naked City, Painkiller
84.  Jane's Addiction, 7 Mary 3
85.  Nirvana (2 discos)
86.  Mudhoney, Mudvayne
87.  Korn, Drowning Pool (3 discos)
88.  Neutrino, Tortoise, The Hosemobile
89.  Nuclear Assault, Shocking Blue
90.  Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, The Seizures, Codeine
91.  Stone Temple Pilots, Lunachicks
92.  Cro Mags, Chronic Disorder
93.  Morphine, Cake, The Ex
94.  The Soft Machine, Oxes
95.  The Mercury Program, The Cure
96.  Rush, Mahogany Rush
97.  Wall of Voodoo, Chavez
98.  Soundgarden, Linkin Park
99.  Kiss, Beck, Wire, Juno, Ween
007.  Pussy Galore


rastronomicals said...

Ah shit, seeing that one of these bands is fictional, a joke I wrote and Cerveza at least was in on.

Can you guess which one?

TAD said...

"Tonight on our stage -- Lonnie Donegan meets The Slits!"
That's probly my fave, altho the Sex Pistols/Hanson, Beatles/Herman's Hermits & Slipknot/Enya (& whoever I've already forgotten) are pretty funny too. Also Television/Refrigerator/Table.... There's just 2 many good 1's.... Don't know which 1's fictional. Holocaust? Probly not, right? I'm just revealing my ignorance...?
& did I miss something? Is the blonde your Significant Other? Please advise....
Hilarious, as always. BTW, I think your post on Fairport was probably your best serious writeup since that poem about Robert Johnson....

rastronomicals said...

Tad -- The blonde is Britney Spears, and not, thank goodness, my significant other . . . .

TAD said...

Britney who?
I don't get it....