Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Your Internet Are Made of Us

 10. Hefner - "Hello Kitten"
Sonic Youth - "Loop Cat"
65daysofstatic - "This Cat is a Landmine"
Matching Mole - "Instant Kitten"
Squirrel Bait - "Kick the Cat"
The Cure - "The Lovecats"
Ted Nugent - "Cat Scratch Fever"
The Stray Cats - "Stray Cat Strut"
Adrian Belew - "Big Electric Cat"
Beck Bogert & Appice - "Black Cat Moan"

The list as an iMix at Itunes, you can quickly preview and/or buy all songs except for the Matching Mole, which is here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick: The List

Ten songs selected in honor of the 504-hour virus which continues to plague me.
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti album cover Alice in Chains Dirt CD cover
 10. Disturbed - "Down with the Sickness"
UFO - "Doctor Doctor"
Unsane - "Sick"
die kreuzen - "Pain/Sick People"
Alice in Chains - "Sickman"
Run-DMC - "You Be Illin'"
Queens of the Stone Age - "Sick Sick Sick"
Aerosmith - "Sick as a Dog"
The Replacements - "Take Me Down To the Hospital"
Led Zeppelin - "Sick Again"
Unsane Lambhouse CD cover Queens of the Stone Age Era Vulgaris CD cover

Itunes appears not to include "Sick Again" in its store library, so maybe I'll skip the whole iMix thing and just go back to bed.

May God have mercy on my soul.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music-Related Comments Elsewhere

I remain sick as a rheumy dog--not dead yet but still, yellow matter custard all over the fucking place--and it's kept me from posting here since Punxsutawney Phil did his thing.

Still, I was able to squeeze out an interesting comment this afternoon at Tad's Backup Plan. I've long considered copying the comments I leave behind as I traipse about the internet--or at least the comments I leave behind on music--over to here, and tonight, at least and if only to take up some space where some was needed, I believe I'll initiate such a process.

Whether I stick with it strictly, or at all, who knows? But for now, Tad was talking about pop in the early '80's and new wave and a certain album from The Headboys. So I chimed in with a 'hasn't anybody heard of closing the goddamned door' . . .

I had that Headboys 45! "The Shape of Things to Come." Brilliant fucking record. They played it once or twice on the briefly new-wave radio station here, and then I seized upon it one day when going through one of my old man's grocery bags. Wasn't a great copy, let's say it crackled as it spun. But I loved that chorus, Oh-oh-oh-Oh-oh, The-Shape-of-Things-to-Come.

My favorite Cars song was always "Since You're Gone," with that outrageous, amorphous, infinite delay guitar solo, and I always remember how . . . spastic . . . Elliott Easton looked playing it on the couch in that video with the disappearing eggs.

But my second favorite Cars track isn't a Cars song at all. "Wearing Down Like A Wheel," from Easton's solo album Change No Change may have the best solo from a man who seemed to painstakingly craft them.

Hated that fucking 'Til Tuesday song, really, REALLY hated it.

Fuckin' hated it.

Loved me some Clash first album, though, and think my favorite London punk might be its twisted reggae: White Man in Hammersmith Palais and Sub-Mission best EVAR.

Still remember the choice I made one day at the Spec's or the Peaches or whatever mass market retailer it was: INXS Shabooh Shabbah or Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks.

Guess which one I picked?

Click anywhere in the blockquote to be taken to Tad's post.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Primus - "Groundhog's Day" from the CD Suck on This

We all like ourselves some apple pie, but seems like most of us are gonna have to get used to settling for Corn Chex.

Whether it's the same day-different shit movie or Primus' genre-bending musing on being cheated that you cotton to in regards February 2nd, it makes perfect total excruciating sense that the day on which Phil makes his fateful decision ain't no goddamned work holiday.

Pay to play indeed: it is in fact a tease which never does subside.

File under: Funk Metal Fusion?