Monday, February 14, 2022

The Thing About Godspeed

My Plans for the evening of April 28 . . .. . . would now be to catch the Godspeed You! Black Emperor show at the Beacham Theatre in historical downtown Orlando.

Tickets purchased just now.

However, I've yet to buy all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling, the semi-legendary home-recorded cassette from 1993, released today on their bandcamp page.

And here is where following a radical left post-rock band can get tricky. Says here on the bandcamp page that "all proceeds from sales going to the CJPME's campaign to provide medical oxygen to the Gaza Strip," and that's exactly the kind of thing this band would do, and y'know, who could be against medical oxygen?

Except, turns out this CJPME isn't just colecting oxygen bottles for the Gaza Strip--they also deny Hamas is a terrorist organization, like Canada (and the US and the EU, etc) correctly maintain, and are advocates of BDS, which I've long since made the decision is a movement for anti-semitic tools who don't even care if people think they're anti-semitic.

So: instead of buying this hairy amp drooling thing, I'm looking to bootleg it. I mean, hey, it might not even be good!

But I'll still be driving to Orlando in April. Ah, the contradiction that is me!

Thursday, February 10, 2022


After a certain amount of hemming and hawing, copied from my Tumblr. . . . .

1. Think of a cover song.

2. Assign a number, 1 - 10, as the estimated coolness score of the artist being covered.

3. Assign a number, 1 - 10, as the estimated coolness score of the artist doing the covering.

4. Add the two numbers to come up with a Combined Cover Song Coolness Score (CCSCS).

For example, you might take Dinosaur Jr's cover of Peter Frampton's "Show Me the Way."
Pulling numbers out of thin air*, you assign J Mascis' band an 8 and, remembering Frampton was after all in Humble Pie, you give him a 3. You add 3 and 8 to get a CCSCS of 11.

Or, especially if you happened to be me, you might look in the direction of Allegaeon's cover of "Roundabout," and come up with a number north of 15.

5. Conjecture: Big Black's cover of Wire's "Heartbeat" has, to anyone who knows their shit, the highest CCSCS in history.

*yet with keen insight
Which of course doesn't make it the greatest song.