Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - "Blaise Bailey Finnegan III" from the EP Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

A lot going on here.

Now, I'm left wing, but I'm not as left-wing as these Godspeed assholes. And they're radicals, but it may be that they're not as radical as plain-old Blaise Bailey Finnegan III.

Or are they?

This song is delicious because the hipper-than-thou underground rock band, who record people and situations, and like some kind of fucking underground Sacha Baron Cohen, insert these recordings as ironic commentary into their lyrical and otherwise instrumental music, were punked *big time* here.

Whoever this street dude was, whether he's really a courtroom anarchist, or just playing a part for the hipster assholes sticking the mike in his face, whether he owns eight high-power firearms, or none, he wasn't named Blaise Bailey, and he sure as fuck didn't write this 'Virus' poem he recites, 'cause all that, it turns out, was slump-period Iron Maiden.

And you know, Godspeed are up on multinational weapons manufacturers, and they're current on the deep internal rot of the American State, but it became clear they're not so up-to-date on 90's arena metal.

There's always someone smarter than you, you know?

It's good to keep that in mind as you position yourself on the political lectern.


: ) said...

in 2010 you posted about manned drones by steve fitch. do you still have the album, and if so, can you rip it? me and some other people on the internet have been trying to find a way to listen to it. please give me your email so i can contact you

rastronomicals said...

Wow, a visitor. I'd forgotten about the Fitch piece. Looking back, it rambles a lot, don''t it? But anyhow, I never had Manned Drones. As I say in the post. I came across the piece at the end of that SY live thing. Then, when I looked around for provenance, so I could credit it properly for the post, since I was calling it "In Hell" rather than "Untitled Music," I found out about the Drones album, without actually acquiring it. Not ever sure where that had been.

So the only Fitch track I've ever heard is the one on Continental Club. Without looking, I think that CD should be readily available, but if not let me know here, and I'll post the Fitch track back to my site.

I did become aware of A Texas Trip, which also has a single Fitch track, but I never picked that up either.

As an aside, I'll say that around the time I wrote the blogpost, I went to or discogs, and edited the extremely brief bio of Fitch there, saying something like, best known for these two tracks. And I got an email from Fitch, protesting! He was eager to separate himself from the scuzzy rock and rollers on the albums I've talked about. And I didn't argue, you know, I want to be respectful to the artist, but at the same time I was thinking to myself, You don't get to say what work you're best known for You get to say anything else, dispute everything else, but not that. Looking at Discogs now, it says 7 submissions pending; I'd imagine this is because Fitch has continued not wanting to be talked about.

Which is why I suppose you can't find Manned Drones. If you ever find it let me know. I'd definitely be interested in hearing it.

Sorry for the rambling reply--you can see I can't help myself.